Set up Discourse on ubuntu 14.04 x64

1. Install Git

apt-get install git

2. Install Docker
wget -qO- | sh
sudo usermod -aG docker andy

3. Install Discourse

3.1 Create a /var/docker folder:
mkdir /var/docker

3.2 Clone the Official Discourse Docker Image into this /var/docker folder:
git clone /var/docker

3.3 Switch to your Docker folder:
cd /var/docker

3.4 Copy the samples/standalone.yml file into the containers folder as app.yml:
cp samples/standalone.yml containers/app.yml

4. Edit Discourse Configuration

4.1 Edit the Discourse configuration at app.yml:
vi containers/app.yml

We recommend Nano because it works like a typical GUI text editor, just use your arrow keys.

* Set DISCOURSE_DEVELOPER_EMAILS to your email address.

* Set DISCOURSE_HOSTNAME to, this means you want your Discourse available at You’ll need to update the DNS A record for this domain with the IP address of your server.

* Place your mail credentials in DISCOURSE_SMTP_ADDRESS, DISCOURSE_SMTP_PORT, DISCOURSE_SMTP_USER_NAME, DISCOURSE_SMTP_PASSWORD. Be sure you remove the comment # character and space from the front of these lines as necessary.

* If you are using a 1 GB instance, set UNICORN_WORKERS to 2 so you have more memory room.

5. Bootstrap Discourse
./launcher bootstrap app
This command can take up to 8 minutes. It is automagically configuring your Discourse environment.

After that completes, start Discourse:
./launcher start app

Congratulations! You now have your own instance of Discourse!